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Two Guys in Flight, LLC has a line of center of gravity calculators designed for both general aviation and air carrier use. The WizWheel™ format allows for swift, accurate entry of passengers, cargo, and where needed, fuel. Fuel is seldom required as an entry, and with good reason. Thanks to the innovative construction of these calculators, items like fuel, and in some cases whole passenger rows can be eliminated as data required for CG purposes through careful selection of CG reference points in the design of these calculators. This is just one feature that makes this line of products unique.

Key Benefits of the WizWheel™ Product


Constructed of strong flexible PVC based plastics, these wheels will take a beating and still provide smooth operation and accurate results.


Average weight of approx. 8 ounces


Format for the WizWheel™ is 6″ by 9″ (15.2 cm by 22.9 cm)